Essential Phone PH-1 in Spec Tech Review

Andy Rubin, who is the creator of Android, is the person to whom you own your gratitude about your phone. Even the name Android comes from the childhood nickname of Rubin. Back in 2005, Google has purchased Rubin’s platform, before even an Android phone has ever been released, but that did not kept Andy from staying with Android till 2013, while also working within Google and other projects till October 2014. After that he decided to leave the company for good to start an incubator for hardware startups in Silicon Valley.

Essential Phone PH-1 Review Spec

And now in 2017, Andy Rubin is back with a new company called Essential which was founded back in 2015 by Rubin and his partner Matt Hershenson. At the beginning of this year, back in January, Essential has stated that they were preparing to release a new smartphone. Rubin has kept on teasing about the device and he even posted a semi-revealing photo of the device on his Twitter account. And on May 30thm the Essential Phone (known also as PH-1) was officially revealed, with the official tech site the Verge providing exclusive photos on the same day.

What is known about the Essential Phone PH-1 Spec is that it is a high-end smartphone that operates on Android 7.1.1 Nougat, without any included modifications, which of course was of vital importance to Rubin. The device features top-notch hardware in every aspect, starting from the material used and the build quality, to the internal specs. On the front side of the phone, you will find a display that has the bezel almost eliminated, all the same bottom chin, while the rest of the phone is the display that goes all the way up to the front camera, that strangely cuts into the display (which of course you won’t find in many other phones, except maybe the iPhone 8 Pro leaks showing similar design). On the back side of the phone you will find two cameras, a fingerprint sensor and Pogo pins which allow the user to attach modules to the device, among which the 360 degree camera that we already mentioned is included.

Essential Phone PH-1 Review Spec

When it comes to the internal specs of the device, the phone fares well in comparison to the other models from the same high class such as the HTC U11 and Galaxy S8, but of course we have to wait till the official release to confirm this. The Essential phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor, will feature 4GB RAM along with full 128GB built-in storage. The front facing camera is standard 8MP, while the dual sensor camera on the back has both identical sensors measuring at 13MP. Also, the Essential Phone uses one full-color senor and one black and white sensor to shoot two versions of the same photo instead of using lenses that have different focal points. The entire idea behind this is that the black and white photos enable better lighting and more precise low-light shots.

The Essential phone will be available for shipping in black and white colors at launch, while the grey and “ocean depths” colors expecting to be available soon afterwards. The phone is made of titanium, in contrast to the traditional aluminum material used on most of the devices, which no doubt will help keeping the phone safer from scratches and drops. It is confirmed that the phone will be supported by the four major carriers in USA; however, the Verge has mentioned that the phone may be missing several features on the operators Bypass such as Verizon and T-Mobile on iPhone 6, iPhone 7.
Just recently, on August 9th, Essential has promised their potential buyers an official release date to be announced soon, along with the addition of Amazon as a funding and retail partner at launch.

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