Free IMEI Checker, How to Check IMEI-ESN Status for Free

Check For Free IMEI Checker, Check Carrier, Blacklisted, iCloud,Clean-Lost IMEI Status

Many of Our readers want to know how to check IMEI Status for Free and to be Sure at the results. They want to know if his IMEI is Clean, Blocked or Reported for Lost, Stolen or Blacklisted. Some want to Check the Carrier Lock for Free, to be able to unlock it and use different sim card, From another Carrier on CDMA or GSM.

Free IMEI Checker

IMEI Checker for Free, Check Free IMEI Status, Carrier, Blacklisted, Lost-Stolen

Before we tell you How to Check your IMEI Status for Free First we need to explain what is the meaning of Clean IMEI, Not Clean, Unpaid, Lost-Stolen or Active on another account.

What is Clean IMEI, what’s Not Clean IMEI

Clean IMEI Means that your Device-IMEI don’t have any Unpaid Bills, or doesn’t have been Reported for Lost, Stolen or Blacklisted.

IMPORTANT: Any device with a bad ESN for any of the above 3 reasons will cause the Device to not be able to be activated on another customer’s carrier account or Simple you Can’t use another Carrier Sim Card.

Before you buy a Phone you need to check if it has a clean ESN/IMEI.

Active on another account is when you have two phones or more on one contract, that qualifies as Not Clean IMEI.

What is ESN or IMEI means?

Short for International Mobile Equipment Identity is IMEI, this is unique number that every iPhone, Samsung, LG or HTC have. And to be Crystal Clear, IMEI is one thing and Another is SN. SN or Serial Number is the Hardware Number or actual serial number of the device that only the company recognizes.

Short for Electronic Serial Number is ESN and this is another name for IMEI, Bad ESN or Bad IMEI is the Same Thing. But later at this post we will show you that the Best way to Check your iPhone Status is by Using the IMEI Number.

How to Find IMEI or ESN on iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC

  1. Dial *#06#
  2. Look on the original box of the phone, it should be written there. The IMEI number is normally written on the box.
  3. For Samsung-Android Smart Phone GO: Settings > More > About device > Status > Scroll down and here it will be showed.

How to Check IMEI for Free on iPhone 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, 7, 7+, 7s, 7s+, Samsung S6, S7, S8, LG , HTC

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Check your IMEI Status for Free, Step by Step

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Watch this Video on How to Check IMEI Carrier, Lost-stolen, Clean, Blacklist Status on iPhone for FREE !!:

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