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The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2
Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 Smartphones with Attitude With the launch in October last year, Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL have been released for almost a year by now. Focused on replacing the Nexus program of developer focused devices, Google has utilized the launch of the Pixel (which is […]

How Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 is Winning ...

Galaxy Note 8 Review Hands On
True Story About Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and his beloved User We feel no need to mention what a failure the Galaxy Note 7 was. Regardless of being praised about the design during its launch, the exclusive features and the consideration to be one of the best Samsung software up […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tech Spec

LG V30 Review in hand Live
LG V30 is ON, LG V30 The Best Like Never Before The launch of LG G6 saw the company returning to a more typically designed device, made with premium metal and glass, and having a low-bezel display on the front side. Perhaps this was expected from the company, knowing that […]

LG V30 The Best from LG

Essential Phone PH-1 Review Spec
Andy Rubin, who is the creator of Android, is the person to whom you own your gratitude about your phone. Even the name Android comes from the childhood nickname of Rubin. Back in 2005, Google has purchased Rubin’s platform, before even an Android phone has ever been released, but that […]

Essential Phone PH-1 in Spec Tech Review

New Nokia 8 Specifications
Nokia 8 The Way it should Be Nokia once was known as the leading and most recognizable phone manufacturer and nobody could have predicted the final outcome and the fall of the company. Still, 2017 was supposed to be the year where Nokia once again will return in the big […]

Nokia 8 To Be or Not to Be

red-hydrogen Specifications Review
What’s making Red Hydrogen a Best Camera of the Month Interestingly enough, some of the audience here may not recognize the name RED, while some others have never even heard of it. Regardless of whether you know the camera company, still you may be familiar with some of the content […]

RED Hydrogen Best Camera of the Month

Moto X4 Speci
Motorola and Moto X4 Till Now Since Google has taken over Motorola back in 2012, the corporation had a big phone launch ceremony in 2013, announcing the release of their flagship model—the Moto X. Interestingly enough, even in 2013, this device was considered to be small in size by most […]

Moto X4 Specifications and Review