How to get iCloud Lock Bypass in iOS 9 or iOS 8

iCloud lock bypass Tips and Tricks

One of the worst experiences in your life is when you are losing your iPad or iPhone and those devices have a couple of private and personal data of yours. It is challenging for you to find your iPhone until you get it back to you. You will not be able to do that unless you have to email id or the contact number of the owner.

Because your phone is locked, there is no access that you can have about anything that is stored on your phone. Meanwhile, you will not be able in order to find a custom message set if the iPhone has not put the Lost Mode. But you do not have to worry because you can use iPhone 5 iCloud lock bypass.

How to icloud lock bypass tips

You have to set your iPhone on Activate iPhone Screen for iOS 9. And then you have to press the home button and click the WI-FI settings. The next step is that you have to tap on ‘i’ that you can find next to the WI-FI symbol. From there, you have to follow a couple of steps which have been provided below after removing the existing DNS. At this step, you can use iCloud lock bypass in iOS8 or iOS9 for iPhone.

The first step that you have to do is that you have to type the new DNS for your iPhone iOS 9.

How to icloud lock bypass Tricks

##For example, for those of you who live in North America or the United States you have to type in if you live in Asia, it is better for you to type in

##You have to type in for those of you who live in Europe. For the rest of the world, just type in

After that, you have to tap on the back. Now, you have to tap on done. And the last one is tapping on the activation help. After you have done it, you can find a couple of text on the iPhone that saying you have already connected to the server successfully.

You can tap on Menu which is located on the top right and a couple of different functions can be accessed such as Maps, Mail, Internet, Social, iCloud Locked User chat, YouTube, Audio, Video, Games and much more.

Meanwhile, if you want to check your iOS iCloud lock bypass permanently, you have to follow below steps.
First of all, you have to tap on the menu. And then, you have to do the applications and hen it should be tapped. The next step is that you have to tap on Crash.

After you tap that, your iPhone will get to the home screen where you can find the logo of Apple. Now you have to choose your country and language. The home button should be tapped and choose more WI-FI settings. The next step is tapping on ‘i’.

You have to scroll down and then tap on Menu which is located under HTTP PROXY. The address bar should be cleared and tap Globe sign on your keyboard.

At this step, all you have to do is typing in 15 up to 30 characters randomly and then type in 8888 in the Port and tap back.

##For the last step, you have to tap on Next.


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