LG V30 The Best from LG

LG V30 The Best from LG

LG V30 is ON, LG V30 The Best Like Never Before The launch of LG G6 saw the company returning to a more typically designed device, made with premium

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LG V30 is ON, LG V30 The Best Like Never Before

The launch of LG G6 saw the company returning to a more typically designed device, made with premium metal and glass, and having a low-bezel display on the front side. Perhaps this was expected from the company, knowing that their flagship device of 2016, the G5 did not fare well, with its badly implemented modular design known as “LG friends” that required from the users to remove the battery, and the fake-metal unibody design, which when scratched revealed plastic beneath the surface. Overall, the G5 was lacking in refinement and could not complete with the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S7, so the changes made in its successor the G6 were expected.

Still, even though the G6 still lags behind the sales success of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, its main rival in the phone arena, nevertheless the phone has received praise by the users and critics alike.

The V30, which is LG’s newest release in the V-series of Android devices, the company desires to entice both, the average consumers and tech fans. In contrast to the previous years, still, the current leaks have indicated that the V30 is far more standard phone that previously seen. Its predecessors, the V10 and V20, both had secondary displays along the top of the phone screen, which enabled the users to view notifications, check the weather, use playback controls or change the settings. Some early leaked images of the V30 by Evan Blass showed the prototype phone with a slide out secondary display, which enabled the users to hide or disable the always on screen, according to their needs. However, later it was confirmed that the device won’t have this feature in the final version, and the renders from OnLeaks and the promo videos from LG have confirmed that this feature will be officially removed.

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Therefore you may wonder what precisely the V30 will have, that the G6 already don’t. LG in a press conference has confirmed one major feature, the inclusion of an OLED display over the usual LCD panel that LG was previously using. And this is important for several reasons. First of all, the entire industry seems to be switching from the LCD to OLED panels. For example, Samsung has used AMOLED displays on their devices since the original Galaxy S in 2010, while there are rumors indicating that Apple plans to switch to OLED for their redesigned bezel-less premium iPhone this year. The advantage of OLED over LCD panels is that they can be used for VR headsets, due to their ability to turn pixels of to display black, and offer better refresh times for the screens. In contrast, Google’s VR system for Android, Daydream, needs OLED displays to be used in order for the phone to qualify, and so far the LG V30 is already confirmed by both LG and Google to be daydream compatible.

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The V30 OLED display is expected to be 6.0 inches, to have 18:9 aspect ratio and 1440p resolution.

We recommend checking the press release of LG for the display, particularly if you want to know more about the color accuracy and the display technology. Taking LG’s information released so far, we ought to expect noteworthy display, with strong color reproduction and perfect black and white levels. According to LG, the V30 can show 148% of the sRGB color space for images, while for DCI-P3 space for cinema it goes up to 108%. And the prognosis for perfect black and white colors sound exciting as well, but it remains to check the phone personally to see whether all is just a hype or not. Furthermore, it is also important to mention one final thing about the display—it will be a plastic OLED display, which means that the outside of the phone will be covered in Gorilla Glass 5 and the display will have curved edges. Another noteworthy remark is that for the first time the logo of LG will be moved from the front to the back side of the device.

With the press release about the V30’s display, LG has affirmed two other important features about the phablet. First of all we heard about the dual-camera module LG plans to ship with the V30. With the second press conference release, it was confirmed that the device will have a f/1.6 aperture, which so far is the lowest ever on a smartphone, thus enabling the device to collect up to 25% more light that the standard f/1.8 aperture lens. In addition, at the press conference, LG has also confirmed that the phone will have a smaller body than its previous version, regardless of the fact that the display size will be increased from 5.7 to 6 inches.

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In another press conference about their new phone, LG has also given info about the software of the V30. In the press release they have revealed that the V30 will use the software of LG, known as UX, upgraded to version 6.0+. The two screenshots images that LG released has indicated that the software looks similar to the one on the G6, with slightly improved aesthetics and a clean blur effect on the wallpaper. In addition, LG has also confirmed some new software tweaks to come with the V30. First, in order to replace the missing screen, LG has developed a software toolbar into the device, which can be extended from the side of the phone. According to LG, this is an evolved version of the second screen, and calls it “Floating Bar” even though we need to wait and check the device to see how well it replicated the second screen. Other improvements in the software are the always-on display which appears similar to the one we have seen on Samsung’s S7 and S8, a face recognition feature to lock the device, and a “Graphy” which is a camera mode that can be accessed thru the manual mode of the phone. This mode enables the user to use metadata presets for ISO, shutter speed to make professional photos even if you are not professional and white balance.

What remains unclear? Currently, there is no confirmation of any of the specs, but it is expected the phone to feature Snapdragon 835 chipset, along with 4GB RAM memory and 64 GB storage space, however we would not be surprised if we see the phone to be released with 128 GB storage space instead. And even though it is confirmed that the device will be shipped with LG UX 6.0+, there is no confirmation of the Android LG software version till now. Knowing that LG is yet to reveal any info regarding the Android version of the V30, it is not out of the question to see this device using Android 7.1 instead of the upcoming Android O.

Still, we have to wait till the official release on August 31, and see what LG will say, when the device will be officially announced and unveiled. Regarding the price, it is expected to be around $700-$800 which is a standard premium flagship price.