Moto X4 Specifications and Review

Moto X4 Specifications and Review

Motorola and Moto X4 Till Now Since Google has taken over Motorola back in 2012, the corporation had a big phone launch ceremony in 2013, announcing

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Motorola and Moto X4 Till Now

Since Google has taken over Motorola back in 2012, the corporation had a big phone launch ceremony in 2013, announcing the release of their flagship model—the Moto X. Interestingly enough, even in 2013, this device was considered to be small in size by most standards, coming with only a 4.7″ 720p touch screen.

Even though the device was a critical success, commercially it did not fare well and did not meet Motorola’s expectations. In 2014 another shift occurred for Motorola, when Google has decided to sell the company to the Chinese giant Lenovo.

Lenovo did not made a lot of changes and kept the original design of the phones, making change only in the name of the product, shortening it from Motorola to simply Moto.

Moto X4 Speci

We saw a lot of changes happening in the company in 2016, when Motorola delayed the release of the new X-series to present the Z-series, which were a brand new flagship series that was focused on providing the best top end specs, putting much emphasis on thinness and featuring modular accessories that snap on the back of the phone.

The phones released in 2016 fared well among the consumers, with the Moto Z Play garnering a lot of attention among the mid range users for its powerful battery and the inclusion of the headphone jack. In 2017, the company refreshed the Z series and has released both the Z2 Play and Z2 Force respectively. Still, these phones did not receive the praise as its predecessors, with the Z2 Play being criticized for its smaller battery, while the Z2 Force’s unbreakable screen is much more prone to scratches than the original Moto Z force.

Moto-X4-Review spec

During the last several months of 2017, there was a speculation that the 2017 Moto X will soon be released, with the earliest rumor dating back to the spring. At first it was thought that the phone will be launched at the Moto’s July event, which unfortunately did not happen, because the event saw the release only of the Moto Z2 Force (which replaced both the original Z and Z Force). Ever since then, the noted leaker Evan Blass has reported that the device will be released in the last quarter of 2017.

Moto X4 HIGHLIGHTS by Evan Blass

According to the reports from Evan Blass regarding the Moto X4 smartphone, the device will have an all aluminum build with 5.2” 1080p Full-HD display. On top of that it will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 and 4GB RAM memory, along with 3000mAh battery (which is thinner that previously reported). In addition, the Moto X4 will have IP68 water resistance and will feature a “3D” glass, which will give appearance to the device similar to the phones such as the G6.

Evan Blass Twitter

The image leaked by Blass (the original is posted above) shows a bit curved display along the edges, even though it is a bit hard to say whether that is the render or the phone itself. And lastly, the phone will have dual cameras on the back, just like the Moto G5 Plus.

Moto-X4 Specifications Review

Android Authority has leaked new information and photos of the Moto X4 on August 11. On this site, it was confirmed that the phone will be marketed in the mid-range category, with measurements of just bellow 8mm and shipping in “Super Black” and “Sterling Blue” colors. Still, Blass has reported of golden color as well, so we would not be surprised if we see the golden color appearing right after the launch.

Moto X4 Specifications

So far we it is confirmed that the device will be powered by Snapdragon 630, with a notable change in the USA release, where the device will feature only 3GB RAM memory (while in Asia it will be 4GB). This site also revealed info about the dual camera, confirming that the 12MP main sensor will have dual auto focus and f/2.0 aperture, while the second 8MP camera will feature ultra-wide sensor and f/2.2 aperture. Right below the camera module there will be a dual-LED clash, with the shooter having face detection auto-focus and the option to depth of fields.

The speculations released by Android Authority and Blass should not be taken lightly, and there is high probability that the device will be released in the upcoming few months of 2017. We can freely say that the X4 is an energizing new addition in the already acclaimed lineup of Motorola line of phones, among which are included the Z and G series (which we previously mentioned) and the bare budget E and C series phones.

Still, it remains to be seen whether the X4 will meet the expectations of its predecessors, but one thing that is sure is that we will have more info about this model as the launch date approaches.