RED Hydrogen Best Camera of the Month

RED Hydrogen Best Camera of the Month

What's making Red Hydrogen a Best Camera of the Month Interestingly enough, some of the audience here may not recognize the name RED, while some othe

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What’s making Red Hydrogen a Best Camera of the Month

Interestingly enough, some of the audience here may not recognize the name RED, while some others have never even heard of it. Regardless of whether you know the camera company, still you may be familiar with some of the content shot on RED cameras. They are especially popular in the film industry where some of the latest blockbusters such as Hacksaw Ridge and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 were shot with RED technology.

No doubt RED has made its success in the camera field thanks to its quality products, the implementation of 4K, 6K and 8K resolution technology, and the ability to align raw RED footage in post production.

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So, you may wonder why the name RED is mentioned in the category of the top upcoming smartphones this fall. The reason behind this is that in July, Red Hydrogen Specifications RED has announced that they were developing a smartphone that will run on Android, putting emphasis on their new “holographic display”, which RED calls it “multi-dimensional audio” and the ability to add modular attachments to the device, which is similar to the ability of the Motorola Z-series and the Essential Phone.

So far we know that the RED Hydrogen smartphone is expected to be launched somewhere in the first quarter of 2018, with the price range for preorder for the aluminum version set to $1200, while the titanium version $1600. However, if we put the price aside, the display technology and the modular components featured in the device, there is not much info about the device.

Red Hydrogen Specifications

The RED Hydrogen will feature 5.7” display on the front, with the device being a bit bulky and having a textured grip around the edges. According to Marques Brownlee the smartphone is similar in size to the iPhone 7 plus with a case. Noting the design of this product, it is certain that RED with Hydrogen wants to match their other devices, and that currently manufacturing device with smaller size is not their priority.

The RED Hydrogen will probably feature speakers on the front side, while the headphone jack positioned on the bottom. The device uses USB-Cable to charge and has a MicroSD card slot for additional storage memory. Unfortunately, other than that, currently there is not much info about the phone. So far, a complete prototype has not been manufactured yet and there is so much little info about the device. It is clear that the design and the price of the phone are still not set, and it is certain that the modular accessories won’t ship together with the phone when it will be released next year.

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Still, anybody who knows the RED output, know that they blaze the trail quite often, frequently announcing products far in advance before they release them. It will not be a surprise if the Hydrogen release is delayed or if its price and feature set is changed, still one thing is for sure, RED will do everything in their power to ship this product.

Currently, perhaps most of the users will find the device unappealing knowing its price, size and weight, however, anybody who is interested in the camera technology (Hydrogen has dual-camera module) will want to keep its attention to RED’s product. All in all, it remains to keep an eye on this one.