Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tech Spec

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tech Spec

True Story About Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and his beloved User We feel no need to mention what a failure the Galaxy Note 7 was. Regardless of being prai

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True Story About Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and his beloved User

We feel no need to mention what a failure the Galaxy Note 7 was. Regardless of being praised about the design during its launch, the exclusive features and the consideration to be one of the best Samsung software up to date, the phone was sentenced to failure due to its massive battery error. And more than expected, it was a headline story for a long time, it received a flight ban in the US and has proven to be total disaster for the company. And even though Samsung has managed to fix things a bit with the release of the S8 and S8+, which are probably one of the best phones available this year, still there is no doubt that many users are eagerly expecting the release of the new Note 8 that is set to replace the Galaxy S7 edge or Note 5 devices, that the company was forced to withdraw due to the unexpected battery problems. Thanks to the success of the S8 and S8+, Samsung has mostly gained a forgiveness for its Note 7 fiasco, and now that August is almost over, we are eagerly preparing for the release of the new Samsung Note device, about which we have no doubt that the company intends to be their new flagship device in the Note series.

So far, there is no denial that Samsung’s phones are amazing, and there is no question that the Note 8 will be the perfect choice as your new phone, especially for those users who want to buy a productivity device.

Galaxy Note 8 Review Hands On

We feel that the return of the S-Pen will be well received by many, as we have seen with last year’s Note 7 where many new software ideas and implementations were made, particularly the option to capture GIFs of video playback on the display and the option to share them online. There are many users who eagerly wait to see the pen back in action, and we won’t deny our excitement as well.

Still, there is one question that stirs the pot. The size of the Galaxy S8+ and the reported numbness in specs among the Note and the S-series makes us wonder: Why Samsung still keeps the Note line?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specifications and Practicality

When it comes to specs, currently the leaked info about the Galaxy Note 8 from official renders by Evan Blass, confirm that the phone will have 6.3” Super AMOLED display, which is only .1” bigger than the 6.2” display on the Galaxy S8+. The front of the device has a bit less rounded corners on the display and the actual body of the phone, but other than that, there are no other showing differences. And exactly as the S8, the device will have a 1440p resolution with an aspect ratio of 18:5:9, which are only a bit taller than the G6 and the speculated V30. In USA, the device will have Snapdragon 835 chipset, which is the same processor that the S8 line uses. And if a Snapdragon 836 processor is made available, we should not expect to be included in the Note 8 launch. The Note 8 is expected to have standard 64GB onboard storage which can be expanded with MicroSD card, and a 6GB RAM memory, which is a noteworthy increase over the previous 4GB RAM found in the S8 and S8+ devices.

There are two things on the back of the device that stand out. First, the fingerprint sensor which previously was mocked for being very hard to locate and use due to its closeness to the camera less, on the Note 8 is located to the right of the camera module. There are reports that Samsung has tried to resolve the issue and re-implement the sensor beneath the display, but without much success. It is also reported that Apple is also having similar problems and may even cancel the inclusion of the sensor on their upcoming iPhone.

And whether the sensor of Note 8 has been improved, it remains yet to be seen, but so far we will not write it off until we actually try out the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review in Hand

Besides the fingerprint sensor, there is another notable change over the S8 and S8+ devices. Samsung has decided to keep up with the industry trends and has decided to use dual-cameras on the Note 8. The senior editor of the Verge, Vlad Savov, recently posted an editorial about the best smartphone cameras on the market today, the Galaxy S8, HTC U11 and Google Pixel, all having only one camera, not two.

The Note 8 will have two 12 MP sensors, and the primary lens will be wide-angle, with a f1.7 aperture and dual-pixel autofocus, while the second lens, which will be telephoto lens, will have f2.4 aperture and will enable a 2x optical zoom on the Note 8. Both lenses will offer support for optical image stabilization. On the other side, the front camera will be a standard 8MP sensor, with an f1.7 lens and autofocus. And lastly, the phone is IP68 certified, and has the fast charging over wireless option as well as USB-C charging.

The price range for the Note 8 is speculated to be close to $1000, with expectation for the price to be even higher in Europe. So far, the differences between the S8+ and the Note 8 are only a few with the RAM difference being negligible by most of the users. Even though the Note 8 does included the S-Pen which is characteristic for the Note devices and has additional software features and tricks, still the S8 and S8+ has seen drop in prices below the $600-700 range for each respective model. Nobody can deny that the Note 8 will be a great phone that can easily compete with the latest iPhone; however there is no doubt that some users may question themselves whether the Note 8 will be worth the extra $300 over the S8 and S8+.