Track iPhone Without Being Discovered

Track iPhone Without Being Discovered

Learn How To Track an iPhone Without Being Discovered Nowadays most of us keep all of our personal data stored on our mobile devices such as the iPho

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Learn How To Track an iPhone Without Being Discovered

Nowadays most of us keep all of our personal data stored on our mobile devices such as the iPhone. Starting from personal info, conversations, emails, pictures or passwords, today it turns out that we heavily rely on our iPhones without even being completely aware about it. So knowing how important our devices are to us, it is always important to be prepared for the worst and to know how to deal with the situation in case your iPhone gets stolen or if you lose it.

Nobody can deny if you get a bit frenzied or start to panic in case you have lost your phone. However, it is also important to know that there are a few tricks which can help you ease up your mind and perhaps with some luck help you truck down your device with success.

First of all, you should know that it is possible to track down a stolen or lost iPhone, even if it had been missing for a long time. The device can be yours, your friend’s or it can belong to some of your family’s members. It does not matter.

However, right before we start with the information on how to track down your iPhone, you need to know a few things.
One of the most important things is that if your phone is not connected to the internet at the moment, or if you had not enabled the iCloud account, then it will be impossible to find the device. Even though these devices are far advanced, still these requirements must be met. So basically you will luck out in case your device is not connected to the internet with the GPS enabled, or if you hadn’t enabled the Find my iPhone feature.

Luckily enough, the feature “Find my iPhone” comes pre-loaded on all Apple devices that have the iOS 9 or later version installed on them. This application is perfect for protecting your device against unauthorized use, and can even help you find your missing iPhone with ease.


  • Start the “Find my iPhone” feature on a different device,

This app can be opened on any kind of device, for instance it can be an iPad, or different iPhone. You can even open it on a computer by simply going to

  • Enter your Apple ID and password (they should match your iCloud info),

Because you do not use your own iPhone, you will not need to log in to iCloud. After the login is successful, go to “All the Devices” drop down option and select the device from the list that you wish to locate.

  • After you have selected your iPhone, a new option will be shown,

Once you have selected your device, the app will start searching for it. In case the device was successfully located, then it will be shown on a map, with an exact pinpoint to its location. However, before you rush and go get it, there are several options you may wanna check.

Besides seeing the location of your phone, there are three additional options available.

The first one is activating “Lost Mode”, second one is playing a sound and the third is to “Erase” the phone.

You can use the option play a sound if you believe that you lost the device nearby or it is in your house. Once this option is enabled, an audio alert will start playing on the iPhone and hopefully it will help you find it.

If you activate “lost mode” then your iPhone will be locked with a passcode and you can even set a message to be displayed. In this way you can protect it, ask the potential finder to return the device or even warn the potential thief that you know where the device is. With this mode you can also enable location services on the phone as well.

Still, if things are out of control and you believe that the chances of you getting back your devices are incredibly low, then perhaps you might consider erasing all the data stored on the iPhone. Of course, in other words this means that you give up, still it is the perfect method to prevent someone from accessing your personal information.

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How to track somebody else’s iPhone

Unfortunately, it is impossible to track down somebody else’s iPhone without letting them know. The info in this article is to help you track down a lost or stolen device of yours, your friend or family member once it is presumably lost. Even though there are some apps which you can install on a targeted phone to track it and check what they are doing on it that completely misses the point of this article. Moreover, not to mention that doing all those things are strictly illegal and may get you in trouble.

So how exactly you can track somebody else’s iPhone? Well, just as when you want to locate your phone, you use the “Find my iPhone” feature, there is another feature which can help you track down some family member’s device. This feature is called “Find my Friends” and previously had to be downloaded and installed, but now with the Newest iOS version, it comes pre-installed.

With this app, you can share your location with others and vice versa. This app is great to keep track of your children, to check where your friends are etc. Also, it can be very useful to find a lost device (Note: you must have “Shared Location” with them).


  • Launch the app on your iPhone, and the iPhone of the person you wish to be able to track you or your track them.
  • Press on your profile which is in the bottom left side of the screen.
  • Make sure that Airdrop is enabled on your phone.
  • Enable “share my location”.
  • Now, your friends will be able to search or add you to share your location and vice versa. You will have to accept the request “Shared Location” from them and vice versa for this to work.
  • To keep track of them, just click on their profile in the app.

So by now you may have realized that it is always important to take extra precautions and protect your device on time. It is always good to be safe than sorry, so if you decide to enable “Find my iPhone” and “Find my Friends” features then it may save you tons of trouble in the future. It is understandable that this may feel a bit worrisome when you are aware that somebody else may see your location at all the times, however in case you want to keep it on the safe side, then this option is recommended.

Of course, nobody deserves to lose or have their iPhone stolen, however if that happens, there are still some methods which can help you prevent this and luckily enough, find the device and get it back safely.

And if none of that works, then at least you can erase all the info stored on the iPhone and prevent anybody else from unauthorized using it without your permission.