How to Unlock iPhone Sim Lock

How to Unlock iPhone Sim Lock

Unlock iPhone GSM Carrier Lock and use any Sim Card You will get different methods of unlocking all the types of iPhone models in this article below.

Unlock iPhone GSM Carrier Lock and use any Sim Card

You will get different methods of unlocking all the types of iPhone models in this article below. Owning a locked iPhone can bring you to a high level of stress and hassle, and you would definitely want to unlock it. Several ways and methods are available nowadays to unlock any of the iPhone models including iPhone 7, 7+, 6, 6s, 6s+, 6+, 5s+, 5c, 5, 4s and 4. We will tell you how to unlock Official Unlock iPhone regardless of which IOS version you have. Don’t worry about unlocking your iPhone as it is simple, secure and safe. No jailbreak or any hardware operation is required to unlock your iPhone. It simply requires some information.

Is iPhone unlocking legal?

When it comes to unlocking an iPhone, most of the people think that it is illegal, but this is not true. Unlocking an iPhone only includes its use I different carriers. If you have an iPhone purchased some months ago, it might get locked. However, if you are using a specific carrier, it will get locked in that region only. There are two types of iPhones including iPhone on contract and iPhone which you purchased yourself and have not been using it for some time. Both of the types have different unlocking methods.

The first type of iPhone is simple, and you can unlock such phones easily and quickly. You will just need some info on the model, and you will get your device unlocked in that region. If you have your phone with an active contract with the company, you will have to contact them in order to unlock it. You will have to provide them the IMEI number to unlock it.

The other type can be difficult somehow. The reason is that you are not the real owner of the device. If you have purchased your phone from a family member or a friend and you now don’t have access to them, it will be a complex step to unlock your iPhone. This is because of you don’t have original documentation of the device regardless of the IMEI number which you can obtain on your iPhone. If you don’t have proper information about your device’s condition, you can check on google by clicking on How to find the status of an iPhone link.

Unlock iPhone Locked on EE, Orange and T-Mobile carriers

If you have an EE iPhone and it is locked, you can unlock it by simply contacting the carrier. Some third party carriers don’t allow iPhone unlocking directly, but EE provides its users the opportunity to unlock it. However, the company has some terms and conditions like your device will only get unlocked if you have paid all the bills of the account and nothing is due. Similarly, this method works on Orange and T-Mobile carriers. You will have to provide the necessary info and place an order on the website. As mentioned above, this unlocking method doesn’t work if you don’t have the proper info about the device and the account. This is because of we cannot unlock your phone if it is not fulfilling the requirements. But, don’t worry about such information just Register or manage your account. It only includes IMEI number, model number, and phone number, etc. If you don’t have your IMEI number. Collect the info and fill the online form with it. Place an order and get your device unlocked.

Unlock iPhone Vodafone Locked Sim Card

In the case of Vodafone Unlock iPhone, you can unlock your device for free if you are using the account for more than 12 years. Vodafone is providing free unlocking to the users who are with the the company for a long time, and their phone gets locked. Unlike this, if you don’t have an account or you just purchased a Vodafone iPhone from any source, you will have to pay to unlock it. They can quickly unlock your phone in 3-5 days after receiving the info and payment from you. Just fill in the Vodafone Unlock Form here.

Unlock iPhone Three Locked Sim Card

If you have a Three iPhone and it is locked to a carrier, you can unlock it without any problems. Three is one of the well famous iPhone carriers which provide plenty of features with its network. Unlocking a Three iPhone is much easier than any other phone. Three unlocks its devices when a user connects it to WIFI. The unlocking of such phones is simpler and easy, unlock a iPhone from Three to use it with a SIM from another network. You just have to go to Official Three Unlock site, fill the form, connect your iPhone to iTunes, and you will get your device unlocked. But, in another case, if you have purchased your phone from another person, you can unlock it by filling the online Three’s phone. But most of the case and new contracts that Three is making it now phones are not locked, actually they are unlocked already.

Unlock iPhone O2 Locked Sim Card

The unlocking of O2 iPhones depends on the plans that are described on the network. No matter which iPhone the user is using, or from how much time it has been used, the user has to pay if the device is on contract. The main difference between contract and off contract is the user has to spend rest of the contract fee even if he unlocks the device, whether off contract user can unlock the phone by just contacting the carrier. If the phone is not on contract, you can use our unlocking services. However, you can do it by filling the online form to use Official O2 Unlock service. To unlock your iphone is by using My O2 online or via the main menu of the My O2 app. Once it’s unlocked, They’ll text you to let you know. They will unlock the phone by just receiving some information.

In another case, if you are using on contract device, you will have to pay all the charges of the contract no matter if you have already unlocked your phone. The unlocking of the phone doesn’t depend on the state of device. Besides this, if you are going to unlock your phone, fill the form with necessary info and get your device unlocked. Simply backup your data connect to iTunes and unlock your phone.

Unlock iPhone Virgin Locked Sim Card

Virgin Mobile provides many facilities while unlocking an iPhone. If you have a virgin phone and it is locked for more than a year, it will be unlocked automatically, and you won’t have to do anything to unlock it. This policy is made by the virgin mobile official company. But, they are not providing it to all the types of iPhones. For example, if you own an iPhone which doesn’t support IOS 8, you will have some problems as compared to those ones that are compatible with IOS 8. However, the process is simple and fast. Just backup your data and connect it to iTunes to perform an unlock Official Virgin Unlock iPhone. After this, restore your data, and you will get your phone unlocked.

Unlock iPhone Tesco and Giffgaff Locked Sim Card

You will get your device fully unlocked for free if you permanently own your iPhone or your company contract is completed. If your contract is completed check how to Unlock your Tesco Mobile phone, you will get an unlocking code from the company that you will be able to use to unlock your Tesco mobile iPhone forever. In the case of a giffgaff mobile, you can unlock your device using giffgaff’s unlock tool.

Using an iPhone unlocking service to unlock iPhone

If you don’t want to contact your carrier to ask for iPhone unlocking, you can contact an iPhone unlocking service to unlock your phone. Plenty of such services is available on the internet. There is one of the most believed iPhone unlocking services. If you are going to unlock your phone, you can use their services. Don’t trust all of the services available on the internet. Some of them fake promise about their fast delivery, but they fail to deliver. Unlike them, you will find all the best services here in the cheapest price ever. You will be able to use your phone on all the carriers with different networks on your phone. Such unlocking process is simple, and you will have to pay a small amount of money to unlock your phone. They will unlock your device as soon as possible without any worries.

Unlocking payment

If you are using a company contract on your phone and its payments are cleared, the company will unlock your device for free. Most of the companies provide free unlocking as mentioned in their carrier policies. However, some of them do not allow this. You will have to pay some charges usually around $30 to unlock your iPhone.

Besides this, this Sim unlocking services for all the models of iPhone which you can also use to unlock your phone without any problems.

How do I know when is done successfull unlock

You can check your phone through numerous ways if it has been unlocked or not. You can do this following some simple steps as mentioned below.

  • Firstly, switch off your phone.
  • Eject your SIM card from your phone (use a finger to remove it or use SIM tool for this purpose).
  • Remove your old SIM card from the phone and insert the new one in it.
  • After changing the SIM cards, turn your mobile on and restore your data.
  • You will be able to use your network easily, and this indicates that your iPhone has successfully been unlocked.

Update unlocked iPhone without SIM card

If you are going to update your phone which has already been unlocked, you will be required the original SIM card for this purpose. However, if you don’t have the original one, you can do this using the existing SIM card too. Just reset your iPhone I order to set this SIM the original one. For this purpose, follow these steps.

  • Backup your important data.
  • Go to settings >general >reset >erase all content and settings.

•    After its completion, it will be unlocked.